08:45 Welcome Desk & Registration (08:45 - 17:45)
09:10 - 10:30 - Room Seminarraum 325/2 Session 1 - Doctoral Consortium SIMULTECH - DCSIMULTECH
  • 2: GIS-based Backcasting - A Method for Parameterisation of Sustainable Spatial Planning and Resource Management Eva Haslauer, Thomas Blaschke and Markus Biberacher
  • 3: Supply Chains Modelling and Simulation Framework Mahmoud Elbattah and Owen Molloy
  • 5: Uncertainty Quantification in Smart Grid Co-simulation Across Heterogeneous Model Domains Cornelius Steinbrink
09:10 - 10:30 - Room Seminarraum 101 B Session 1 - Special Session on Computationally Efficient Simulation-Driven Engineering Design Optimization and Modeling - SDDOM
  • 1: A Catapult. Searching Optima Using Factorial Designs and 2D-Neural Network Mapping Technique - A Tutorial Natalja Fjodorova, Marjana Novic and Matej Hohnjec
  • 3: Low-cost EM-Simulation-based Multi-objective Design Optimization of Miniaturized Microwave Structures Slawomir Koziel, Adrian Bekasiewicz, Piotr Kurgan and Leifur Leifsson
09:10 - 10:30 - Room Hörsaal FH 2 Parallel Session 2 - Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • 23: CANB v4.0: A Model for Simulating Residual Soil Nitrogen and Nitrogen Leaching in Canadian Regional Scale Jingyi Yang, Craig Drury, Reinder DeJong, E. C. (Ted) Huffman and Xueming Yang
  • 128: Classification Models of Emotional Biosignals Evoked While Viewing Affective Pictures Lachezar Bozhkov and Petia Georgieva
  • 144: Swarm Behavioral Sorting based on Robotic Hardware Variation Beining Shang, Richard M. Crowder and Klaus-Peter Zauner
  • 147: General Model Simulation of the Mexican Poultry Value Chain Luis Antonio Calderón and Pablo Nuño
09:10 - 10:30 - Room Hörsaal FH 3 Parallel Session 2 - Application Domains & Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • 16: Optimization of Gas Turbine Compressor Blade Parameters for Gas-dynamic Efficiency under Strength Constraints Leonid Shabliy and Aleksandr Cherniaev
  • 31: Mixing and Combustion of Turbulent Coaxial Jets - An Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Swirling Flows Teresa Parra, Ruben Perez, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Artur Gutkowski, Robert Szasz and Francisco Castro
  • 71: Influence of Resource Allocation in the Photovoltaic R&D of Japan based on Technology Stock Modeling Eiichi Endo
  • 127: The Design, Performance and CFD Analyses of Regenerative Blower used for Fuel Cell System Chan Lee and Hyun Gwon Kil
09:10 - 10:30 - Room Hörsaal FH 4 Parallel Session 2 - Formal Methods & Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • 20: Sensitivity Estimation by Monte-Carlo Simulation Using Likelihood Ratio Method with Fixed-Sample-Path Principle Koji Fukuda and Yasuyuki Kudo
  • 5: Signature-based High-level Simulation of Microthreaded Many-core Architectures Irfan Uddin, Raphael Poss and Chris Jesshope
09:10 - 10:30 - Room Seminarraum 101 A Parallel Session 2 - Application Domains & Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 51: An Effective Implementation of Agent’s Complex Actions by Reusing Primitive Motions Jun-Sung Choi and Jong-Hee Park
  • 63: Hardware-In-the-Loop Radar Test Simulator Halit Ergezer, Musa Furkan Keskin and Osman Gunay
  • 141: Quantile Estimation When Applying Conditional Monte Carlo Marvin K. Nakayama
10:30 Coffee-Break (10:30 - 10:45)
10:45 - 11:45 - Room FH HS 1 European Project Space Panel

EPS Chair:
Andreas Holzinger, Medical University Graz, Austria,

EPS Participants:
Jürgen Rattenberger, Unit for Information and Communication Technologies, FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Austria
Enrique Cabello, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Katharina Morik, TU Dortmund University, Germany (Not Confirmed)
11:00 - 13:00 - Room Seminarraum 101 C Session 1 - Special Session on Applications of Modeling and Simulation to Climatic Change and Environmental Sciences - MSCCEC
  • 1: Price Responses of Grain Market under Climate Change in Pre-industrial Western Europe by ARX Modelling Qing Pei, David D. Zhang and Jingjing Xu
  • 2: Global Temperature Fuzzy Model as a Function of Carbon Emissions - A Fuzzy ‘Regression’ from Historical Data Carlos G. Gay and Bernardo O. Bastien
  • 3: Ocean Remote Sensing Data Predicts Trajectory of Oil Spill - An Analytical Model for SAR Polarimetric Scattering Matrix Bo wang, Bertrand Chapron and Rene Garello
  • 4: A Holistic Seismic Risk Scheme Using Fuzzy Sets - Part One: the Social System Fragility Rubén González, Àngela Nebot, Francisco Mugica, Martha-Liliana Carreño and Alex H. Barbat
11:30 - 12:15 - Room Seminarraum 325/2 Session 2 - Doctoral Consortium SIMULTECH - DCSIMULTECH
  • 6: Novel Capacity Planning Methods for Flexible and Reconfigurable Assembly Systems Dávid Gyulai
  • 7: Integrating Formal Verification and Simulation of Hybrid Systems - Rodin Multi-simulation Plug-in Vitaly Savicks, Michael Butler and John Colley
  • 9: Multi-Constraints and Single Objective Based Optimum Routes Planning for Assisted Evacuation - A Geographic Information System Based Solution and Simulation Md. Imran Hossain
  • 11: Simulation Models for the Evaluation of Detection and Defense Protocols against Cyber Attacks - Preparation of Doctoral Consortium Contributions Lorena Paulina Valdiviezo
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Zeichensaal 3 European Project Space Session 1 - e- Business and Telecommunications and Data Management
  • Integrated prevention and Detection sOlutioNs Tailored to the population and Risk Factors associated with FALLs (I-DONT-FALL)
    Presenter: Dr Milan Markovic

  • Service disTRibution network And Tools for intEroperable proGrammable, and UnIfied public Cloud services (STRATEGIC)
    Presenter: Dr Milan Markovic

  • Internet Shopping Optimization (IShOP)
    Presenter: Dr. Jedrzej Musial

  • Advanced multi-paRametric Monitoring and analysis for diagnosis and Optimal management of epilepsy and Related brain disorders (ARMOR)
    Presenter: Ms. Elena Turco

    Presenter: Enrique Cabello (to be confirmed)
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Seminarraum 101 B Session 2 - Special Session on Computationally Efficient Simulation-Driven Engineering Design Optimization and Modeling - SDDOM
  • 4: Trawl-door Shape Optimization with 3D CFD Models and Local Surrogates Elvar Hermannsson, Leifur Leifsson, Slawomir Koziel, Piotr Kurgan and Adrian Bekasiewicz
  • 6: Adaptive Kriging for Simulation-based Design under Uncertainty - Development of Metamodels in Augmeted Input Space and Adaptive Tuning of Their Characteristics Alexandros Taflanidis and Juan Camilo Medina
  • 7: Computationally Efficient Multi-Objective Optimization of and Experimental Validation of Yagi-Uda Antenna Adrian Bekasiewicz, Slawomir Koziel and Leifur Leifsson
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Seminarraum 101 A Parallel Session 3 - Application Domains, Simulation Tools and Platforms & Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • 87: Modeling and Performance Optimization of a Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine for the Avoidance of Knocking Michela Costa, Ugo Sorge, Paolo Sementa and Bianca Maria Vaglieco
  • 65: Evaluate Traffic Noise Level based on Traffic Microsimulation Combined with a Refined Classic Noise Prediction Method Chen Zhang, Jie He, Haifeng Wang and Mark King
  • 86: Reactive Embedded Device Driver Synthesis using Logical Timed Models Julien Tanguy, Jean-Luc Béchennec, Mikaël Briday and Olivier H. Roux
11:45 - 13:15 - Room Hörsaal FH 7 Parallel Session 3 - Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 75: Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol for OMNeT++ Vladimír Veselý, Jan Bloudíček and Ondřej Ryšavý
  • 85: SimuLTE – A Modular System-level Simulator for LTE/LTE-A Networks based on OMNeT++ Antonio Virdis, Giovanni Stea and Giovanni Nardini
  • 120: Extending the Software Tool TimeNET by Power Consumption Estimation of UML MARTE Models Dmitriy Shorin and Armin Zimmermann
13:15 Lunch (13:15 - 14:30)
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Zeichensaal 3 European Project Space Session 2 - System Simulation and Software Technologies
  • Advanced Design and Verification Environment for Cyber-physical System Engineering (ADVANCE )
    Presenter: Mr. Vitaly Savicks

    Presenter: Eng. Maria Teresa Parra-Santos

  • Intelligent welding clamp design software using computer-aided optimization for SMEs to achievehigh precision assembly (CLAMPIT)+ STEPMAN + Development of a very low-cost Interactive Graphical Tactile Display capable of displaying textual and graphical information as an advanced user interface for the visually impaired (TACMON2)
    Presenter: Mr. Norbert Pomázi

  • Managing Risk and Costs in Open Source Software Adoption (RISCOSS)
    Presenters: Mr. Oscar Franco-Bedoya, Dr. Mirko Morandini

  • Smart Building Project
    Presenter: Dr. Muhammad Asfand-e-yar
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Seminarraum 101 C Session 2 - Special Session on Applications of Modeling and Simulation to Climatic Change and Environmental Sciences - MSCCEC
  • 5: MASC: Map Sectors Creator - A Tool to Help at the Configuration of Multi-Agents Systems for Everyone Aurélie Gaudieux , Joël Kwan, Yasine Gangat and Rémy Courdier
  • 6: Fuzzy Modeling of Migration from the State of Oaxaca, Mexico Anais Vermonden and Carlos Gay
  • 7: Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping and Nonlinear Hebbian Learning for Modeling, Simulation and Assessment of the Climate System, Based on a Planetary Boundaries Framework Iván Paz-Ortiz and Carlos Gay-Garcia
  • 8: The Fuzzy Nature of Climate Change Scenarios Maps Carlos Gay García and Oscar Sánchez Meneses
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Seminarraum 303 Parallel Session 4 - Formal Methods & Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 44: Relationship between Simulink and Petri Nets Debjyoti Bera, Kees van Hee and Henk Nijmeijer
  • 76: System Reactivity Components in Cellular Manufacturing Subjected to Frequent Unavailability of Physical and Human Resources Sameh Saad and Carlos R. Gómez
  • 19: Modeling of an Agent System to Support the Management of Cooperating and Rival Resources for Business Workflows Ágnes Werner-Stark, Tibor Dulai and Gyula Ábrahám
  • 70: Complementarity between Simulation and Formal Verification - Transformation of PROMELA Models into FDDEVS Models: Application to a Case Study Aznam Yacoub, Maamar Hamri and Claudia Frydman
  • 91: A Survey of Model-Driven Approaches Applied to DEVS - A Comparative Study of Metamodels and Transformations Stéphane Garredu, Evelyne Vittori, Jean-François Santucci and Bastien Poggi
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Seminarraum 101 B Parallel Session 4 - Formal Methods, Application Domains & Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 77: Modeling & Simulation Framework for the Inclusion of Simulation Objectives by Abstraction Sangeeth saagar Ponnusamy, Vincent Albert and Patrice Thebault
  • 35: Scenario Development: A Model-Driven Engineering Perspective Umut Durak, Okan Topçu, Robert Siegfried and Halit Oguztüzün
  • 89: Simulation and Model Sensitivity Analisys of a Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturing Plant Paulo Tomé, Eduardo Teixeira, Freddy Assunção, Luís Marques, João C.P. Reis and João M.C. Sousa
  • 123: Event Log Knowledge as a Complementary Simulation Model Construction Input Niels Martin, Benoît Depaire and An Caris
  • 146: An Ontology-Driven Framework to Support Scenario Representation in a 3D Operator Training Simulator Flávio Torres Filho and Maria de Fátima Queiroz Vieira
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Seminarraum 325/2 Parallel Session 4a - Formal Methods, Application Domains & Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 46: Simulation Validation of the Model-based Control of the Plate Heat Exchanger with On-line Compensation for Modelling Inaccuracies Michal Fratczak, Jacek Czeczot and Pawel Nowak
  • 66: A Simulation Model for Risk Management Support in IT Outsourcing Tarcio Bezerra, Seth Bullock and Antao Moura
  • 12: Decision Support Tool for Group Job-shop Scheduling Problems Yuri Mauergauz
  • 41: Virtual Bin Picking - A Generic Framework to Overcome the Bin Picking Complexity by the Use of a Virtual Environment Adrian Schyja and Bernd Kuhlenkötter
  • 84: Development of 3D Simulation System for Multi-Axis Turn-Mill Machining Hong-Tzong Yau, Jhih-Long Chen, Bing-Rau Yu and Tsan-Jui Yang
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Seminarraum 101 A Parallel Session 4 - Application Domains, Simulation Tools and Platforms & Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • 24: Modeling Anisotropic Permeability of Coal and Its Effects on Coalbed Methane Reservoir Simulation Geoff Wang, Xiaorong Wei, Fu-Yang Wang and Victor Rudolph
  • 121: Numerical Investigation of Liquid Flow in Two-, Three- and Four-Stage Centrifugal Pumps Nicolas La Roche-Carrier, Guyh Dituba Ngoma and Walid Ghie
  • 21: Simulation of Biomethanol Production from Green Syngas Through Sustainable Process Design Omar Y. Abdelaziz, Mamdouh A. Gadalla and Fatma H. Ashour
  • 38: Modeling and Simulation of Pyroprocessing Oxide Reduction H. J. Lee, W. I. Ko, S. Y. Choi, S. K. Kim, H. S. Lee, H. S. Im, J. M. Hur, E. Y. Choi, G. I. Park and I. T. Kim
  • 143: Preservation of Non-uniform Memory Architecture Characteristics when Going from a Nested OpenMP to a Hybrid MPI/OpenMP Approach M. Ali Rostami and H. Martin Bücker
14:30 - 16:30 - Room Hörsaal FH 7 Parallel Session 4 - Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 34: The Front Velocity Approach in the Modelling of Simulated Moving Bed Process (SMB) Anderson Bihain, Antônio Silva Neto and Leôncio Diógenes T. Câmara
  • 55: Artificial Intelligence Modelling Methodologies Applied to a Polymerization Process Silvia Curteanu, Elena-Niculina Dragoi, Florin Leon and Cristina Butnariu
  • 110: A High-level Petri Nets Approach for Multi-Objective Optimization in Pipeline Networks Hela Kadri and Belhassen Zouari
  • 130: Tsunami Evacuation Simulation - Case Studies for Tsunami Mitigation at Indonesia, Thailand and Japan E. Mas, S. Koshimura, F. Imamura, A. Suppasri, A. Muhari and B. Adriano
16:30 Coffee-Break (16:30 - 16:45)
16:45 - 17:45 - Room Hörsaal FH 5 Keynote Lecture Modelling as a Way in Design of Novel Algorithms in Computational Intelligence Helena Szczerbicka, Universität Hannover, Germany
20:00 Social Event (20:00 - 23:00)