09:30 - 12:00 - Room V110 Session 2 - Special Session on Applications of Modeling and Simulation to Climatic Change and Environmental Sciences - MSCCEC
  • 7: A Fuzzy Cognitive Map for México City’s Water Availability System Iván Paz Ortiz and Carlos Gay García
  • 9: Fuzzy Approaches Improve Predictions of Energy Performance of Buildings Àngela Nebot and Francisco Mugica
  • 10: Using Andaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System to Build Models with Uncertain Data for Rainfed Maize - Study Case in the State of Puebla (Mexico) Anais Vermonden Thibodeau and Carlos Gay Garcia
  • 12: Carbon Dioxide Capture from Synthesis Gas Containing Steam by Pressure Swing Adsorption at Mid-high Temperature Cheng-tung Chou, Yu-Hau Shih, Yu-Jie Huang and Hong-sung Yang
  • 13: Natural Handling of Uncertainties in Fuzzy Climate Models Carlos Gay García and Oscar Sánchez Meneses
10:15 - 12:00 - Room M103 Session 5 - Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 67: From State-transition Models to DEVS Models - Improving DEVS External Interoperability using MetaDEVS - A MDE Approach Stéphane Garredu, Evelyne Vittori, Jean-François Santucci and Paul-Antoine Bisgambiglia
  • 76: Using Discrete-Event Simulation to Forecast the Volume of Hospital Emergency Services to be delivered at the Regional Level Bożena Mielczarek
  • 84: Response-based Control through Dynamic Optimization in Large-scale Power Systems Sergio Bruno, Matteo D'Aloia and Massimo La Scala
  • 86: Computational Fluid Dynamic Solver based on Cellular Discrete-Event Simulation Michael Van Schyndel, Gabriel Wainer and Mohammad Moallemi
  • 89: Simulation of Self Organized Electron Beams in Vacuum Microdiodes Marjan Ilkov, Andreas Pedersen, Andrei Manolescu and Ágúst Valfells
12:00 Lunch (12:00 - 13:30)
13:30 - 14:45 - Room M103 Session 6 - Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • 14: The Optimal Quaternion Equilibrium Point - Using an Energy Function to Choose the Optimal Quaternion Equilibrium Point Margrete Djupaa and Rune Schlanbusch
  • 56: Effects of Wall Roughness, Impeller Blades and Diffuser Vanes on the Performances of a First Stage Centrifugal Pump Nicolas La Roche-Carrier, Guyh Dituba Ngoma and Walid Ghie
  • 70: Numerical Simulation of Odorous Dispersion Hydraulics and Aeration Device in WWTP’s Hatem Dhaouadi and Hatem Mhiri
  • 79: Social Network Modelling for Counter Extremism - Comparing Criminality in Two Activist Networks Rosemary Penny, Robert Bowles and Noémie Bouhana
14:45 - 15:45 - Room M101 Keynote Lecture Context-Aware Decision Support in Dynamic Environments: Theoretical & Technological Foundations Alexander Smirnov, SPIIRAS, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
15:45 - 16:00 - Room M101 Closing Session
16:00 Farewell Drink (16:00 - 16:30)