09:15 - 10:15 - Room M101 Keynote Lecture The Complexity Crisis François E. Cellier, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
10:15 Coffee-Break (10:15 - 10:30)
10:30 - 12:00 - Room M103 Parallel Session 2 - Application Domains
  • 9: A Two-step Bidding Price Decision Algorithm under Limited Man-Hours in EPC Projects Nobuaki Ishii, Yuichi Takano and Masaaki Muraki
  • 91: HIP_IKEv2: A Proposal to Improve Internet Key Exchange Protocol-based on Host Identity Protocol S. Smaoui, F. Zarai, M. S. Obaidat, K. F. Hsiao and L. Kamoun
  • 94: Social Layers and Population Models Directed by Intelligent Agents for Estimating the Impact of Operations and Investments Agostino G. Bruzzone, Marina Massei, Christian Bartolucci and Lorenzo Capponi D’Agostino
10:30 - 12:00 - Room M104 Parallel Session 2 - Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 12: Multi-objective Optimization and Stochastic Analysis in Focused Ultrasonic Therapy Simulation T. Clees, N. Hornung, I. Nikitin, L. Nikitina and D. Steffes-lai
  • 43: A Bayesian Approach to Modeling Dynamical Systems in the Social Sciences Shyam Ranganathan, Viktoria Spaiser and David J. T. Sumpter
  • 50: Early Analysis of Ambient Systems SYSML Properties using OMEGA2-IFx Manzoor Ahmad, Iulia Dragomir, Jean-Michel Bruel, Iulian Ober and Nicolas Belloir
  • 52: Multiscale Models of Electrochemically-Promoted Large Catalytic Surfaces Ioannis S. Fragkopoulos and Constantinos Theodoropoulos
  • 53: SHARP: Shade-avoidance Response in Plants - An Evolutionary Simulation Software Package Wen Fung Leong, Sanjoy Das, Stephen M. Welch and Cynthia Weinig
10:30 - 12:00 - Room M109 Session 1 - Special Session on Modelling and Simulation in Biology and Medicine - BIOMED
  • 1: Computational Biology Modeling across Different Scales Filippo Castiglione and Francesco Pappalardo
  • 13: A Viscoelastic Model for Glioma Growth J. R. Branco, J. A. Ferreira and P. de Oliveira
  • 9: Patient Specific Modelling in Diagnosing Depression - Combining Mixture and Non-linear Mixed Effect Modelling Johnny T. Ottesen
  • 15: A Splitting Algorithm for Medical Image Denoising Adérito Araújo
10:30 - 12:00 - Room V109 Session 1 - Special Session on Health Applications - HA
  • 6: A System Dynamics Study of an Emergency Department Impact on the Management of Hospital’s Surgery Activities Lucia Cassettari, Roberto Mosca, Andrea Orfeo, Roberto Revetria, Fabio Rolando and J. Bradley Morrison
  • 8: An Epidemic Model of Nonmedical Opioid Use with Simulated Public Health Interventions Alexandra Nielsen, Wayne Wakeland and Teresa Schmidt
  • 12: Fuzzy Cognitive Map Hierarchical Triage Decision Support for the Elderly Voula C. Georgopoulos and Chrysostomos D. Stylios
10:30 - 12:00 - Room V110 Session 1 - Special Session on Applications of Modeling and Simulation to Climatic Change and Environmental Sciences - MSCCEC
  • 3: Quantitative Models Evaluating the Effect Climate Change Effects on Tourism - State of the Art Jaume Rosselló
  • 4: Statistical and Scaling Analyses of Neural Network Soil Property Inputs/Outputs at an Arizona Field Site Alberto Guadagnini, Shlomo P. Neuman, Marcel G. Schaap and Monica Riva
  • 11: Policy Design, Eco-innovation and Industrial Dynamics in an Agent-Based Model - An Illustration with the REACH Regulation Nabila Arfaoui, Eric Brouillat and Maider Saint Jean
10:30 - 12:00 - Room M108Session 2 - Special Session on Computationally Efficient Simulation-Driven Engineering Design Optimization and Modeling - SDDOM
  • 4: Design of Antenna Arrays using Surrogate-based Optimization Slawomir Koziel, Stanislav Ogurtsov and Leifur Leifsson
  • 7: Multi-objective Optimization of Axial Flow Pump based on Modified PSO Algorithm H. S. Park and Fu-qing Miao
  • 10: Variable-fidelity Aerodynamic Optimization using CFD Models Leifur Leifsson, Slawomir Koziel, Stanislav Ogurtsov and Oleksandr Glubokov
12:00 Lunch (12:00 - 13:30)
13:30 - 15:00 - Room M103 Parallel Session 3 - Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • 61: Assessing the Impact of Policy Changes in the Icelandic Cod Fishery using a Hybrid Simulation Model Sigríður Sigurðardóttir, Björn Johansson, Sveinn Margeirsson and Jónas R. Viðarsson
  • 78: Adapting Simulation Modeling to Model-Driven Architecture for Model Requirement Verification Fuqi Song, Gregory Zacharewicz and David Chen
  • 93: Modeling Interdependent Socio-technical Networks via ABM - Smart Grid Case Daniel Worm, David Langley and Julianna Becker
13:30 - 15:00 - Room M104 Parallel Session 3 - Application Domains
  • 13: Viability Study on Supervisory Control for a Solar Powered Train Beatriz Féria and João Sequeira
  • 29: Simulation Modeling of Maritime Piracy using Discrete Event and Agent-Based Approaches A. Emre Varol and Murat M. Gunal
  • 39: Coordination of Processes as a Starting Point for Simulation-based Management of Biological Incidents Tereza Otčenášková, Vladimír Bureš, Pavel Čech and Jana Prattingerová
  • 63: A Distributed Simulation Model of the Maritime Logistics in an Iron Ore Supply Chain Management Afonso C. Medina, Luis G. Nardin, Newton N. Pereira, Rui C. Botter and Jaime S. Sichman
  • 81: Application of Mathematical Modelling for Simulation of Galvanic Corrosion Vít Jeníček, Martina Pazderová and Linda Diblíková
13:30 - 15:00 - Room M109 Session 2 - Special Session on Modelling and Simulation in Biology and Medicine - BIOMED
  • 5: Modelling Transdermal Drug Delivery through a Two-layered System Giuseppe Pontrelli, Andrea Di Mascio and Filippo de Monte
  • 10: Simulating Drug-eluting Stents - Progress Made and the Way Forward Sean McGinty, Christopher McCormick, Sean McKee, Marcus Wheel, Simon Kennedy and Keith Oldroyd
  • 12: Chemical Master Equations - A Mathematical Scheme for the Multi-site Phosphorylation Case Alessandro Borri, Francesco Carravetta, Gabriella Mavelli and Pasquale Palumbo
  • 14: Electrical Conduction in Biological Tissues - Homogenization Techniques and Asymptotic Decay for Linear and Nonlinear Problems M. Amar, D. Andreucci, P. Bisegna and R. Gianni
13:30 - 15:00 - Room V109 Session 2 - Special Session on Health Applications - HA
  • 3: Emergency Medical Services Modelling Paul Harper, Jonathan Gillard, Vincent Knight, Leanne Smith, Julie Vile and Janet Williams
  • 9: Emergency Ambulance Deployment in Val-de-Marne Department - A Simulation-based Iterative Approach Lina Aboueljinane, Evren Sahin and Zied Jemai
  • 7: Mobile App and Website for Major Depression Monitoring Àngela Nebot, Francisco Mugica and Luca Abdollahi
  • 14: Simulation and Optimization for Bed Re-organization at a Surgery Department Paolo Landa, Elena Tànfani and Angela Testi
13:30 - 15:00 - Room M108 Session 3 - Special Session on Computationally Efficient Simulation-Driven Engineering Design Optimization and Modeling - SDDOM
  • 6: Efficient Quantile Estimators for River Bed Morphodynamics T. Clees, I. Nikitin, L. Nikitina and S. Pott
  • 5: Low-cost Modeling of Waveguide Filters using Decomposition and Space Mapping Slawomir Koziel, Stanislav Ogurtsov and Leifur Leifsson
  • 9: Implication of Fuels in Performance of Single-stage Launch Vehicle with Hybrid Rocket Engine Kazuhisa Chiba, Masahiro Kanazaki, Koki Kitagawa and Toru Shimada
15:00 - 16:00 - Sólin Posters Session 2
  • 8: A Generalized Model Transformation approach to Link Design Models to Network Simulators - NS-3 Case Study Iyas Alloush, Yvon Kermarrec and Siegfried Rouvrais
  • 18: Numerical Model for the Prediction of Final Mechanical Properties of EPDM Vulcanized with Peroxides - Part I: Basis of the Numerical Model and Experimental Campaign Gabriele Milani and Federico Milani
  • 19: Numerical Model for the Prediction of Final Mechanical Properties of EPDM Vulcanized with Peroxides - Part II Results Gabriele Milani and Federico Milani
  • 26: Inter-module Communications for Rear-end Collision Avoidance Messaging in an IEEE 802.11p Interface Juan-Bautista Tomas-Gabarron, Esteban Egea-Lopez and Joan Garcia-Haro
  • 27: Performance Aspects of Some Switching Networks Zbigniew Hulicki
  • 30: Improving Flow-Based Modeling of Enterprise Systems and Modeling of Custom Warehouse Systems in d3fact Hendrik Renken and Wilhelm Dangelmaier
  • 36: Spectral Solutions of a Combined Multifluid--population Balance ModelDescribing Bubbly Flow - A Numerical Study of weighted Residual Methods Hugo A. Jakobsen and Jannike Solsvik
  • 40: Investigating the Optimal Performance of Multicast Communication by Simulation Eleftherios Stergiou, Dimitrios Liarokapis and Gerasimos Meletiou
  • 44: Towards an EDSL to Enhance Good Modelling Practice for Non-linear Stochastic Discrete Dynamical Models - Application to Plant Growth Models Benoit Bayol, Yuting Chen and Paul-Henry Cournède
  • 49: Mimicking Complexity - Automatic Generation of Models for the Development of Self-adaptive Systems Jérémy Boes, Pierre Glize and Frédéric Migeon
  • 55: Web-based Metaprogrammable Frontend for Molecular Dynamics Simulations Gergely Varga, Sara Toth, Christopher R. Iacovella, Janos Sallai, Peter Volgyesi, Akos Ledeczi, Gabor Karsai and Peter T. Cummings
  • 62: Enhancing VLAM Workflow Model with MapReduce Operations Mikolaj Baranowski, Adam Belloum and Marian Bubak
15:15 Coffee-Break (15:15 - 15:30)
16:00 - 17:30 - Room M103 Parallel Session 4 - Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation & Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • 47: Combining Supervisory Control, Object-oriented Petri-Nets and 3D Simulation for Hybrid Simulation Systems using a Flexible Meta Data Approach Juergen Rossmann, Michael Schluse and Ralf Waspe
  • 54: Composing Variable Structure Models - A Revision of COMO Alexander Steiniger and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher
  • 65: Crowd Simulation on a Graphics Processing Unit based on a Least Effort Model Sankha B. Dutta and Robert D. McLeod
16:00 - 17:30 - Room M109 Session 3 - Special Session on Modelling and Simulation in Biology and Medicine - BIOMED
  • 11: Cardiovascular Dynamics during Head-up Tilt assessed Via a Pulsatile and Non-pulsatile Model N. Williams, H. T. Tran and M. S. Olufsen
  • 7: On the Implementation of a Non-linear Viscoelastic Model into Coupled Blood Flow-biochemistry Model Tomas Bodnár and Adelia Sequeira
  • 4: Impact of Pericardial Effusion on Cardiac Mechanics in Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy Francesco Scardulla, Antonino Rinaudo, Cesare Scardulla and Salvatore Pasta
  • 6: Flux through a Time-periodic Gate - Monte Carlo Test of a Homogenization Result Daniele Andreucci, Dario Bellaveglia, Emilio N. M. Cirillo and Silvia Marconi
16:00 - 17:30 - Room M104 Doctoral Consortium on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications
  • 2: Advanced Control Concepts Suitable for Energy Efficient Hydraulic Systems Tadej Tašner, Vito Tič and Darko Lovrec
  • 3: Towards Model-driven, Simulation-assisted Control Application Engineering - A Doctoral Research Path Timo Vepsäläinen
  • 4: An Investigation on the Simulation Horizon Requirement for Agent based Models Estimation by the Method of Simulated Moments Ricardo Giglio
18:30 Social Event (18:30 - 23:30)